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The presented product The backend works on a similar principle. This part of the website includes the server, database and APIs. The backend is therefore responsible for handling The presented product user requests, data management, and communication with other systems. It is a code that is able to extract information from the database, process it and transfer it to be display, to the frontend. Backend languages The backend can be support by languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby or the aforemention JavaScript.

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We use each of them to write server-side logic and to handle data. Let’s get to know their characteristics in more detail. Backend Guatemala Mobile Database languages. Source: Pimcore However, if this simple solution is not enough for us, we can use the free Data Importer extension , which will expand the tool, adapting it to more demanding situations. In this case, we have practical options at our disposal, such as: larger number of support formats.

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Which means that there are many libraries and frameworks available. During regular updates, committ developers introduce a whole WS Numbers range of modern improvements to it, thanks to which when working with PHP we will not feel that it has been around for almost 30 years. Ruby Ruby has a simple, elegant syntax and is known for its “convention over configuration” philosophy, which makes it easy for developers to get start.

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