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The many whys The Old World Kitchen ecommerce site features highquality images that reflect the brand’s character The site uses crossselling ( when buying a board, we get an offer to buy other boards from the collection or a spreader), which not only increases sales, but also improves the customer experience by making shopping easier. After going to the page of a specific product, under its details there is not only a section with things that a potential customer may like, but also a section with recently view products.

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Deejo The Deejo online store allows you to purchase personaliz knives. Product customization is possible by clicking on any CTA plac on Qatar Mobile Database the home page. After being rirect to the interactive panel, the user can select the length of the blade, the pattern emboss on it, the material of manufacture, etc. On the Deejo ecommerce website, the user can design his own personaliz knife The purchasing process is fun and very similar to the real experience, thanks to the fact that the already adapt product is present in 3D. A potential customer can view it from any side and from any angle.

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During personalization, the price of the product changes. O an ongoing basis, thanks to which the user knows how much each change is worth. The home page also includes press mentions. That increase brand cribility and can serve as an incentive WS Numbers to make a purchase. 7. Smoke House Smokehaus, an online smok and dri meat store, also tries to make the purchasing process resemble reallife experiences for customers. On the home page, the products are present on hooks just like in butchers or smokehouses. You can browse them by scrolling to the side or click on the select product to get detail information. Browsing products on the Smokehaus ecommerce website isof as a base.

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