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Thanks to good data flow and access to modern technologies, you can also make good use of automation. Tons of ecommerce processes can be automat, from marketing to warehouse management or complaint handling. Automation The main maintainer allows you to perform many timeconsuming tasks much faster and completely without the participation of employees, thanks to which their energy and creativity can be rirect to more difficult tasks that require human intelligence.

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Guarantee excellent customer service Tidio’s research has shown that 62 of consumers prefer to use a chatbot rather than wait Turkey Mobile Database for a connection with a consultant , and 69 of respondents describe their interaction with the chatbo  as  satisfactory. According to the Adweek report , 65 of consumers feel more comfortable doing things without the help of a human consultant.

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Ecommerce statistics from Tidio show the huge popularity of chatbot solutions Source: Tidio Intrating a chatbot with a website can be much WS Numbers more economical in the long run than maintaining your own customer service or outsourcing . Customers appreciate in this solution, above all, the possibility of obtaining 24/7 support, rardless of the time of day or situation.

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