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Image source: Wikipdia In Turkish, whether or not a tittle is placd can distinguish between two very different letters. parenthesis There are numerous types of brackets. Parentheses are commonly usd in symmetrical pairs. Parentheses are forward or backward-facing punctuation marks that isolate or copy a piece of text. Symbols: brackets Image source: Wikipdia Chevrons were the first brackets to appear in the Dutch language.

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The Dutch Christian scholar and philosopher Desiderius Iran Mobile Database Erasmus Roterodamus inventd the round brackets and gave them the name lunula , after the shape of the crescent moon. There are now several types of brackets: Most commonly usd are the parentheses: ( ) (British English: brackets , American English: parentheses.

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Less common in plain text are the square brackets, square brackets, or bible brackets: [ ] (American English: brackets ) In addition, there are WS Numbers angle brackets, angle brackets, angle brackets: ⟨ ⟩ (English: angle brackets, chevrons ) And finally the braces: which are also includd in the parentheses. (English: braces , curly brackets ) For regular texts, the parentheses are mainly usd.

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