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The authors of the article “The Rose of Crowdsourcing” recognize crowdsourcing as a tool for business advancement. More precisely. it is a process that allows you to gain knowlge and experience and thus earn money. How powerful is crowdsourcing? In the crowd! Classic marketing sees the company as the sole sender of the message. whose guidelines consumers should listen to and follow. Crowdsourcing flips this rule. introducing a dialogue between companies and consumers rather than one-sid information. Of this tool lies in the collection of ideas from a large number of people Internet communities. website fans. traditional employees of a particular industry. The mechanism of action is very simple.

The first is the problem of the enterprise

Which is highlight in the form of network news. The company ask web users for possible solutions. At this point. this collective intelligence is trigger. Crowdsourcing is the sum of many individual actions. It can be bas on the independent performance of a specific narrow piece or on the full cooperation of the Nepal B2B List whole body. The collect ideas are pass on to the company by the masses. and the company then validates the practicality of the solution by presenting it on the web. Proposals made by volunteers are put to a vote. and the winning idea is taken over by the company.

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Are Internet users willing to

Participate in crowdsourcing projects? Originally a form of volunteer-bas participation. more and more companies are now willing to collaborate on such projects for a fee. Social productivity can be clearly observ With the development of the phenomenon. a group of people who regard various online competitions as a way of life have emerg. However. satisfaction doesn’t always have to be translat into money. many times it’s product discounts. valuable advertising baubles. etc. To a large extent. engaging in such activities is about WS Numbers unlocking personal creative resources.


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