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The incredible Formatting capabilities necessary for a person creating digital publications. The itor can change the font, text size, insert an enumeration (list), image, etc. Additional modules introduce more advanc functionalities to CKitor, e.g. defining link attributes. In Drupal, this is the default solution. Another itor – Gutenberg is a tool that provides elements that can be plac in the content. This module provides the user with about 60 ready-to-use blocks. Among them are those that allow you to add content from social.

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E-commerce features Drupal can also be extend with e-commerce functionalities thanks to the Drupal Commerce module. The most important of them include: the ability to present different types of products (e-books, audiobooks), search Conduit Cn Mobile Database engine and the possibility of filtering, creating categories and tags – make it easier for users to find materials available on your portal, payments (card, transfer, e-wallets) and the possibility of using the subscription model – readers of digital publications must purchase them or gain temporary access to them, so they must be able to quickly pay for the product or service. Additional tools itorial offices and companies ne additional solutions to increase the visibility of their content on the web and monitor reader activity.

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Companies will also benefit from reporting tools . They make it possible to check how much interest there is in digital publications and from WS Numbers which channels readers reach them. This allows for a better adaptation of the content to the nes of customers. You may wonder why your site’s traffic is low. Sometimes this is due to its low visibility. SEO tools are us to position the website increase its visibility on the web. You can use extensive programs or opt for a cheaper option – installing a suitable plugin for the CMS. Marketing automation tools (social mia content management, mailing) are no less important . They help create, promote and distribute digital publications through various communication channels.

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