The ideal customer profile The ideal

Problems Challenging and painful Lack of time to find new suppliers as you need to deal with suppliers you already have; High cost of production as part of the process is done manually (manual machines) which does not lead to perfection besides generating a lot of waste Standardized cutting; You are not satisfied with the current production situation and cannot find a way to reduce the excessively generated cost; Outsource the wood extraction process to obtain diversified options. Target Audience Target Audience is a broader definition with some characteristics of your company’s audience, without specific details. Examples: between, have and women.

With the definition of the ideal customer profile

They work for medium or large Brazilian or foreign companies. Monthly income between , . reais Luxembourg Phone Number List and , .  customer profile is a representation of the best customers segmented based on demographic data. One can define multiple roles. An example of an ideal customer profile for the machinery industry: ? Male, average age. Positions held: administrative manager, company partner, production manager, head of packaging department, production manager, purchasing supervisor, purchasing manager, purchasing manager, whole-process purchasing analyst. The company he works for: Food Industry. The company produces the product yerba mate tea.

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Coffee ground and grain animal feed (dogs and cats), assorted grains and grains ( USA Person , rice, corn, popcorn, coffee). Ideal output: to tons per month. Packaging mode: partly manual, partly automated. Number of employees: more than one person. Area of ​​operation: the whole of Brazil, with restrictions in certain states (Amazon, Pala, Maranhão, Acre, Roraima, Amapá and Tocantins) due to distances and high final costs for customers. Why do companies need to have such a definition? Imagine being able to sell products only to customers with high buying potential.

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