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The help of a Right The module provides new permissions. Their list depends on the number of available dictionaries. Administer taxonomy The help of a views intrator This permission allows you to manage the global settings of the module and to it its settings in all dictionaries and terms. It is recommend that you grant this permission only to trust roles.

A place to manage permissions

Define the view override for terms in Granting this permission will allow you to override the view us for specific terms in a given dictionary. Define the view override for the vocabulary This permission will allow you to overwrite Lebanon Mobile Database the view for the entire dictionary. Using the Taxonomy Views Intrator module After enabling the module and granting permissions, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the global settings it provides. There are only two.

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The first one is Don’t display a view by default which, if check. Will not use the default Taxonomy term view in Page display mode. The WS Numbers second one is Use global. View override , selecting which will allow you to override. The default global view, and additionally allow you to select the display mode. Global settings for the Drupal Taxonomy Views Intrator module You can also select views for dictionaries and terms. In both cases, the configuration form looks the same.

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