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The geometry If the server on which this software is locat has Noteworthy is how the company presents its offer to potential customers . Titan forgoes The geometry extensive, multilevel lists of products on the menu and opts for tiles. After going to the Machines tabthree tiles appear, each with a catory name and a photo, giving the customer some idea of ​​what they will see after selecting a given catory.

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By clicking on individual icons, the user goes step by step from the most general catories to specific products that interest him. Eventually, the visitor reaches the product page, where he sees photos, specifications, a list Oman Mobile Database of functionalities and additional information necessary to make a purchasing decision. The tiles make it easier to navigate the website of Titan Systems a company from the manufacturing industry Interactive elements of websites, such as buttons and tiles, engage the user in browsing the content on the website.

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Titan Systems diversifies the user’s path, activating him, and also removes potential native impressions, keeping it simple. 4. Andreu WS Numbers World highquality photos Photographs on the windows of production companies are more than decoration. Graphic elements can evoke various emotions and impressions on the recipients and make them perceive the brand in a specific way, as more professional, exclusive or, on the contrary, open to all customers.

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