The foreground and the background

The foreground Advanc Search The CMS for a digital newspaper can be equipp with a search engine. It allows readers to search for texts using various phrases. Don’t forget to add the appropriate filters. They allow you to easily find content by categories or tags The foreground that the itors will assign to them in advance. Their use can help the reader find the articles he nes faster. Another useful solution for finding content is facet search .

One of the trends in website

It allows the user to filter the content by its properties (features). You can filter by type of text (news, report, column), field (sports, news, technology), author (name or pseudonym of the author) or date of publication. It works in such USA Mobile Database a way that when an Internet user searches for sports reports, they are shown content relat to football matches, volleyball matches, etc. Comment section support Readers appreciate the opportunity to express their opinion on a text or world events and discuss with other users. Adding comments helps in building a community around a given newspaper.

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That we are able to achieve

Creating the possibility of logging in and personalizing. The opinion giver’s account is conducive to increasing cribility and faster WS Numbers recognition by the discussing readers. In addition, it is worth entering a content rating (negative or positive, or assigning points from 1 to 10). In this way, you can streamline the recommendation generation process and encourage readers to discover new content.

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