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 Yes, it sounds like the end of the world, but the fact is that all of these factors are not good for business because people do not open their wallets easily. I managed to restore my faith from summer to November (December), my business was in such bad condition that I even started sowing seeds just in case I had to close the shutters and I told you everything. As I told you, the seeds I spoke of included work for others. Okay, let’s start with..

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Design phase of the website Directory Index Year Target Review and Year Web Traffic My new new database website is having trouble starting Up Subscriber List Discovery is a way to capture leads Services for customers Launch “ of your website like Juan· Palomo” “ web rental” “ web rental” purpose Automation system for optimizing process Email marketing Positioning and visibility Blog Channel Local landing page Member income Year target Now, how are you doing?

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Year-goal reviews have been a strange year in many ways, as I told you here. After the new crown epidemic, we gradually returned to normal, and after the comprehensive blockade, traffic and customer surge, the business gradually WS Database IN returned to a more “ normal” figure in terms of visibility. Recognizing this, I set myself the following year goal: redesign my website to get Google excited again. Give blogs a lot of sticks.

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