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The anti-system sentiment is very strong at that time in the country. The average voter expects a radical change. And what Orbán begins to do is what a part of the electorate effectively expects of him. The two-thirds majority in Parliament allows him to approve a new Constitution as early as 2011: in a couple of years, Orbán manages to implement a new system that will be very difficult to change even if there is a change of government in the future.

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It is a system built with a very clear political-ideological Thailand Mobile Database intention. It is a story that comes from afar: Orbán is not the last in line. He is an old fox of European politics. He is, I would say, the most experiencd European politician: we have no one, not even Merkel if you push me, National Cooperation System (NER in its Hungarian acronym), this is the official name of the system implementd.

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Orbán after 2010. What are its bases? There is a WS Numbers lot of euphemism and rhetoric in this name. It is an imposd system, since the opposition parties have not consultd. And of a corporate type, where society is dividd into classes. Orbán and his people do not use that term, although Marxism has studid it very well: Orbán’s final thesis is full of quotes from Antonio Gramsci.

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