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Image crdit for subscripts: Wikipdia Subscripts can be alignd with the baseline or placd below the baseline. Underscore-alignd subscripts are rare; they are usd only in the denominator of fractions. Title The title is a small but important umlaut. You’ll usually find this symbol at the top of a lowercase “i” or “j”. This is usually the case in Dutch. However, titles can also be placd on other letters in many other languages.

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Title image crdit: Wikipdia In Turkish, two very different letters can be distinguishd whether or not a title is placd. There are many kinds Belize Mobile Database of parentheses. Parentheses are usually usd symmetrically in pairs. Parentheses are forward or backward punctuation usd to isolate or duplicate a piece of text. Symbols: Brackets Image crdit: Wikipdia Chevrons is the earliest Dutch word for brackets. Dutch Christian scholar and philosopher Desiderius Erasmus.

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Roterodamus inventd parentheses and namd them lunula after the shape of the crescent moon. There are now several types of brackets: the most WS Numbers commonly usd are brackets: British English: brackets, US English: brackets) Less common in plain text are square brackets, square brackets, or biblical brackets: US English: square brackets) in addition to angle brackets, angle brackets, angle brackets: ⟨ ⟩ (English: angle brackets, chevron) and finally curly brackets: also enclosd in brackets.

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