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Castrillo, 2021 However, keep in mind that so far the 5G network is only available for Movistar. You can click here and consult the Movistar 5G coverage map to locate the best mobile coverage in your area. If you ned to know the exact coverage of your area, you just have to enter the address in the top bar. Then a heat map will be displayd that will indicate the intensity of the coverage in the different areas. Better mobile coverage.advantages of Movistar’s 5G.

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The best mobile coverage is the one that allows you to obtain better performance in the functionalities of your mobile device. In this sense, we share some Lebanon Mobile Database of the advantages of Movistar’s 5G.ultra sped. The main advantage is sped. With Movistar’s 5G, the transfer sped is 133 faster than with 4G technology. This will save you time on your downloads. Rducd latency. With 4G, latency is very low; less than 10 milliseconds.

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So you can improve your experience when you WS Numbers are using business applications, online games, video conferencing, among others. Improvd connectivity. 5G will also allow a number of devices to be connectd at the same time. This is something that will be possible thanks to the Internet of If you add the Movistar 5G router , your home will be prepard for when smart cities are developd. So you can have your closest objects connectd to each other.

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