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During 10 years of existence, Droptica has cooperat with over 170 clients from all over the world Faithful to open source software We can meet the specific nes of companies in various industries thanks to the open source technologies that we usually choose for our projects. Such solutions are very flexible easy to develop and adapt because their source code is freely available.

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This fact is also associat with the lack of a license for this type of software. Additional costs appear only when someone wants to use Turkey Mobile Database professional help in creating and maintaining an open source system. However, these expenses can be adjust to the capabilities of a given project or company. The open source technologies we use are : PHP the most popular language for building websites.

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Drupal a stable and secure CMS with special features for complex corporate websites, Symfony and Laravel frameworks for WS Numbers websites and web applications, Mautic featurerich marketing automation software, Sylius ecommerce platform, Pimcore product information management system. All these solutions have communities of programmers and other specialists from different countries gather around them, who voluntarily develop the systems.

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