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The conditions Both measures are largely influenc by the quantity and size of the load elements. Page loading on Drupal Lazyload module Newer versions of DrupalWill Huggins and Hannah McDermott address their session to both agency employees and clients. Drupal Multisite The conditions from the trenches The topic is extremely close to us. We have already written about Drupal multisite on our blog , explaining when to implement it, how and, above all, why.

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During DrupalCon Prague, Alex Moreno will talk about the challenges that arise when developing a project. Although Multisite Portugal Mobile Database solves the problem of building multiple sites quickly and efficiently, their creators do not always remember about scaling, security or subsequent technological support. Open web & community Growing and sustaining an Open Source Drupal Distribution Distributions are one of the most important branches of the Drupal ecosystem.

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Finn Lewis will introduce the LocalGov distribution, creat in cooperation with British local authorities from the public sector. The WS Numbers speaker will talk about his experience with developing an open source financial model in order to finance the team and guarantee support for distribution. What GitLab has learn from Drupal and what can Drupal potentially learn from GitLab During his session, Nick Veenhof Contributor Success Director of GitLab and organizer.

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