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The result of this attitude is the creation of new forms of interaction with recipients. such as content marketing or native advertising. These two strategies for promoting products and services have a lot in common. They focus primarily on long-term actions aim at actively directing customers to a particular brand.  Content that is useful. interesting or at least not intrusive. Content marketing includes. for example. sharing information with users in the form of valuable guides. blogs. and reports. Native ads. on the other hand. ne to be adapt to a specific website. Therefore. it is not a separate creation to interest customers. but a fun format to promote the brand in a non-irritating way that does not require too much interaction.

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With an example. In the popular game. users can equip the house with a Samsung smart TV. The recipient knows this is an advertisement. The openness of the brand can also inspire trust. Since the brand is not hidden. users will not have the impression of being manipulat. Thus. he learns about the brand while executing plann activities (in this case. playing games). We can distinguish several important characteristics Japan B2B List of native advertising. It should be an integral part of the content that potential customers receive and consume. Therefore. it should adapt to the appearance and specificity of our website. It is also good when the content provid is attractive to users.

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Native advertising is recurring rather than once. so its impact on the user is extend over time and thus more effective. Street View Next Version Go to the Alps in the morning. the zoo in the afternoon. or even spend a romantic evening at the Eiffel Tower These are already the rides we all know (and love!). thanks to the Street View viewing app. Since January. a large number of photos have been taken and combin into panoramas. creating a virtual map of the entire world. The Polish Street View service is a very popular feature creat WS Numbers by the Mountain View giant.


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