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The authors The return code contains information about what HTML code should be generat. This time, it is our browser that locally generates this code and displays the website in graphical form. A graphical explanation of the steps in the clientside web page rendering process Source: Duomly Advantages and disadvantages As you can probably guess, the first advantage is rucing the load on the server. It no longer nes to generate the entire HTML code every time.

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This work is now done by our browser. This allows the server to handle more requests at the same time. This also ruces infrastructure Estonia Mobile Database costs. Due to the fact that all information on how the HTML code should be generat is in our browser, switching to a new subpage does not reload it. The HTML code is replac locally by our browser, thanks to which the user has the impression that the website works much faster and works more like a desktop or mobile application than a traditional website.

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The JavaScript code that our browser receives for clientside rendering is very similar to the code in mobile or desktop applications. Thanks WS Numbers to this, in most cases, in a very simple way and at low cost, we can extend the operation of our website. It will become a website and a mobile application (PWA) at the same time . Unfortunately, this solution is not without flaws.

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