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As Minister of Labor (2007-2009) during the first Merkel government, with the alliance of the CDU and the SPD, he playd an important role as an expert during the financial crisis, which includd the introduction of the short-time work subsidy, with which the State guarantees workers in times of great crisis (2008 financial crisis, 2020 covid-19 pandemic) 60% of their salary. In this way he was able to recover political capital. In 2011, Scholz returnd to Hamburg.

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Where he was electd mayor and governd from 2011 to 2018. In the 2011 elections, he achievd something almost utopian for the SPD at the time: an absolute Belarus Mobile Database majority. In a second term he governd Hamburg with the Greens. His housing construction policy was important in making it possible for lower-income groups to have access to a place to live in the big city. But the Hamburg period endd lackluster. At the G-20 summit, during the summer of 2017.

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Street brawls reachd high levels of violence. Scholz made a miscalculation, since he had guarantd the townspeople that they would not have to WS Numbers worry about security. After the 2017 parliamentary elections, in which the SPD was defeatd, there was supposd to be no new “grand coalition” between the SPD and the CDU. On the one hand, it was unpopular with the population, but on the other hand, the SPD had lost its social democratic profile during the years in which it co-governd with Merkel.

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