That the success of the parallax effect

That the success To help you understand these issues, in this article we will cover the frontend and backend, showing the main differences, as well as popular languages ​​and frameworks that can be us to work on a website. What is frontend? Imagine a clock on the wall. The dial with hours and minutes shows us the current time. As users, we see only the presentation of data (in this case, the hour the frontend, but we do not have insight into what is hidden under the housing (we will discover it together later in the article.

The introduction of HTML

Translating this example to websites, we can define the frontend as the visual part of the website given to the user. its design, general Peru Mobile Database appearance or the entire interface. What’s more, the frontend is responsible for how the user interacts with the website or web application and how it reacts to his actions. frontend languages Frontend languages ​​allow you to create a user interface, as well as interactive support for website functionality, such as searching or changing content in real time.

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The stories presented on the page

Without them, the user would not see a representation of any content on the site. Let’s look at some examples of these languages. Frontend WS Numbers languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript allow you to create a user interface. HTML By far the most popular frontend language is HTML, which is responsible for the structure of the website. It allows you to place appropriate tags on it. Such as heading which are key in terms of SEO), images, links, tables or lists.

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