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Testing See examples Take the time to plan the user journey and use buttons (including CTAs) to create intuitive navigation on your website and make it easier for visitors to navigate your way around. Blog or news A news section or a blog allows companies to build a professional image and position their website more effectively . Although this is an additional element, it is worth including it in the design of the website of the production company.

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In this way, you give potential customers a better understanding of your brand and its products. Interesting examples of Conduit Cn Mobile Database websites of production companies Corporate websites for industrial and manufacturing companies are not easy to design because they usually have to contain a wide range and a lot of information. Often they also have e-commerce functionalities. What sites should you be inspir by? 1. Mitsubishi Electric – clear main menu.

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Mitsubishi Electric Critical Power Solutions builds, among other things, various types of batteries. A clear main menu is characteristic of this production WS Numbers site. Interestingly, it is not modest at all. It includes many pages, including those dicat to individual product groups, of which there are quite a few. The creators of the website achiev a simple. Aesthetic effect by dividing the main menu into two parts, plac on two separate strips.

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