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Such activity on the Internet translates into a new social phenomenon. the so-call cabinet maker. Marketers Response Our online presence will not go unnotic. By clicking on a given link. leaving a like. posting a comment. we give feback to everyone interest in our tastes. interests. etc. We share what we know about ourselves with others. and a large part of them are marketers. Product ads appear on popular websites. This link directs us to a domain similar to our favorite website. what we might like and what we might not like. It’s a huge database that we use to gain knowlge. The process can also be revers. Through our campaigns. marketers can better understand their customers and build target groups.

How about it Of course

Everyone who has an account has notic that the owners of the portal are not idle and are coming up with new and new solutions to keep it at the top of the world ranking of social mia popularity. Unfortunately. many of the changes didn’t win over users. and some of them only work for a select few. Still others. despite Indonesia B2B List their success with competitors ( ). didn’t settle on Zuckerberg’s site. We introduce the most important changes brought to the portal.New Era for Timelines The changes introduc in Timelines early last year have been permanently resolv in the service.

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The new refresh design includes

Restoring a column of how posts are display. changing how the cover photo and profile tabs are display. However. not all users welcom the modifications enthusiastically. . Where is my social graph? Most people who wait impatiently for the possibility of contextual search had to give up that taste. Graph search allows us to more easily find the most interesting information in a jungle of uninteresting statements. but is only available to English-speaking users. more precisely users of the English (US) variant. . A similar fate befell the man who loudly proclaim a change in the opposition. which became a divide in the paper on the subject. Marketers looking for new ways to WS Numbers reach fans are also expecting breakthroughs.


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