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Tell you in this report This significantly spes up the process of selecting furniture and makes the purchase easier. After pressing the button, the user is rirect to the product page where he can personalize his order by choosing the preferr color, style, materials and accessories. The testimonial from the customer, plac on the website, is juxtapos with the photo of the product to which it relates, thanks to which the user can make a purchase decision easier . However, there is also a separate subpage with reviews, where only comments from verifi customers are publish, along with photos taken by them.

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Which increases the cribility of the brand. 4. Emiozaki The navigation of the Emiozaki ecommerce site mimics the look and feel of a Armenia Mobile Database mobile app. The individual buttons of the main menu look like applications install on the smartphone. By clicking on a specific icon, the user can view information and products on the smartphone “screen” and interact with the site as if they were doing it on a mobile device. This is a very original approach that makes the exploration of the site more attractive.

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Exploring the Emiozaki ecommerce website is similar. To interacting with a mobile website. After clicking on the product, the user is rirect to. The store’s subpage, where he can make a purchase. The site is decorat with original graphics. It is also WS Numbers interestingly animat and engaging, which makes the Internet user willingly engage in browsing it and getting to know the brand. 5. Old World Kitchen The advantage of the Old World Kitchen online store is beautiful, original photos and the way the creators us them not only to decorate the site, but also to present products. Wellthoughtout arrangements in the photographs complement the design, as well as carefully select, decorative fonts . Highquality photos appear in large numbers on most subpages.

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