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Electoralism ignores more reliable indicators that are difficult to measure, such as the full effectiveness of the rule of law, the guarantee of civil liberties, and the protection of human rights. However, Nicaragua has not even met this minimum standard for a decade. The 2011 election was opaque and the 2016 contest was severely hamperd. But the international community has only expressd disappointment, turning diplomatic relations from indifference to indifference.

At the international level

Following the recent electoral drama, the Organization of American States plans to meet at its general assembly, where foreign ministers are expectd Guatemala Mobile Database to take the opportunity to declare that Nicaragua’s elections were held below minimum international standards. This may lead them to consider implementing policies under the mandate of the American Democratic Charter.

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The Organization of American States would WS Numbers be ineffective if it only encouragd Nicaragua to return to its democratic path, as it has done before. The OAS is not yet ready to demand the expulsion of Nicaragua under Article 21 of the Democratic Charter, as there is no regional consensus to do so. Even if the state is hangd, the bottom line is that democratic norms are hard to apply in regimes that are immune to international condemnation.

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