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When the profligate studio abruptly closd, employees were denid their last salary and no severance pay, But 38 Studios is not an isolatd case. As one industry veteran told Schreier: “With all the layoffs I’ve had to deal with, every time I get an email calling a meeting of all the employees in the office I get a kind of stress syndrome. post-traumatic (…) I’m sure it’s a common thing among other developers.

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In fact, studio closures are so frequent at Press Wuhan Mobile Database Resetthat the individual stories and characters of the book begin to run together. Several chapters describe different versions of the same journey: employees drop everything to finish a game; the game launches; everyone celebrates; soon after there is an ominous meeting; everyone is fird; the desolate workers drink a funeral beer at a nearby bar before heading home to update their résumés.

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Some decide to go “independent” and create WS Numbers less ambitious games over which they can exercise more creative control; others leave the industry altogether. Despite being indispensable at every stage of the game development process, workers are treatd like disposable cogs in a profit machine. “Volatility,” writes Schreier, “has become thestatus quo ‘.

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