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Starting from As What’s the difference? A static page is one that has one and unchanging content, each user sees exactly the same. On the other hand, on a dynamic Starting from As website, the content is fetch as the page loads, allowing the content to change bas on the user’s actions. Dynamic page types are more powerful and typically more powerful than static sites. Examples of PHP projects for binners.

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The best way to learn a new programming language is to practice and try to create increasingly complex projects. The same is true Netherlands Mobile Database for PHP. At the very binning, it is worth getting to know the basic capabilities of the language and what it offers to the user. Contest submission system MYSQL We can create a simple website that allows contestants to fill out an application and provide their data. They should be sav in the database so that they can be display in the admin panel, where all requests should be shown.

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This is a simple project that allows you to familiarize yourself with the basics of MySQL. And communication between WS Numbers PHP and the database. In addition, issues relat to HTML and CSS, which go hand in hand with web applications, will be useful. Chat between users PHP MYSQL AJAX Nowadays instant messengers are widely known and us. When creating one of them, it is worth ensuring that users can rister and log in.

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