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Show you what The layout option in this case is a string of numerical values ​​specifying how many columns a given section should occupy. For example, setting 6 6 for twelve columns in a Bootstrap 2 Cols grid will make the first and second sections the Show you what same width. If we use the value 9 3, the first section will be 75% of the width and the second 25%. Each layout option can be turn on or off for any breakpoint.

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Tab view with Bootstrap Layout Builder Layouts settings Styles configuration This tab is responsible for enabling and disabling the possibility Armenia Mobile Database of configuring parameters that give additional styles to sections. Configuring style parameters for sections in the Bootstrap Layout Builder Styles tab Configuration in the Bootstrap Layout Builder Settings tab Here we can define a global class that will be us in a layout with only one section . In addition, here we can enable or disable the display of advanc settings when creating and configuring layouts.

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Defining a global class in the Bootstrap Layout Builder Settings tab. How to create your own layout using Bootstrap Layout Builder? After configuring WS Numbers the module, it’s time to create the layout. The steps and options are the same for any layout add by the module. We will present everything on the example of one of the layouts available after installing the module – Bootstrap  Cols.

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