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Society should not wait until people reach adulthood to talk about the issue. However, it must be recogniz that this task is far from becoming a reality. First of all, because of the society in which we live. That is, non-formal ucation subliminally teaches us that the only objective of our lives is to accumulate things, achieve positions, be “better” than others . Secondly, unfortunately, our culture does not conceive any other rationality than that of man versus nature . That is, man is different from nature, since we “are the difference in this existence”: man thinks, the animal does not; Man feels, plants do not.

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Teaching how to die should not be assum as an intractable issue. If someone assumes this, it is because they are reasoning in the context describ above. But if we place ourselves in another rationality, it is b2b leads understood as a necessity. I explain: Hindus say that matter is confus with spirit. Therefore, man is more than simple order molecules. They believe that everything has animation and that men are not different from things. The Chinese conceive of reality as flux and perpetual change.

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These changes do not correspond to chaos, but to a meaningful evolution where everything happens through mutations channel within the natural laws of movement. These and other Eastern trends WS Numbers understand man as part of nature and not as the exploiter of nature. Now, teaching how to die in this type of conception is the natural achievement of a way of understanding the world. Dying is nothing more than a natural state of living. Death is understood as one more link in the complex continuity of nature .

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