Sellers are very much hoping

What’s more. as many as people think they will have more customers this year. Perhaps their expectations have been influenc by reports that the years-long crisis is fading away so the economy will grow again.  that the price war will end as the economy improves. of people believe that the price level of their stores will remain the same. Fewer Leaders. More Activists Respondents were also ask about their attitude when running a store. It turns out that they are mainly ( ) entrepreneurs who want to be number one in their field. and ( ) people who know their industry very well and want to use the knowlge gain to grow their business.

The number of winners has decreas

Slightly compar to last year. However. the number of active people has increas. The percentage of people who exhibit this attitude is only . This shows how much the consciousness of entrepreneurs has chang. They increasingly value knowlge and the ability to apply it in practice. believing that this will enable them to succe. How do they understand this success? of respondents set a goal this year to attract new customers to their Bhutan B2B List stores. hoping to grow their business with new products and services. Only a dozen percent hope to ruce operating costs and avoid bankruptcy. 

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These data show that most entrepreneurs

Want to grow their business. not just maintain it at current levels. Source. Trends presents several trends that are likely to dominate the market and asks respondents to express their views on these trends. Most respondents believe that the introduction of Google. which announc the expansion of its services. will have an increasing influence on the online shopping market. Many also agree that we will face a multi-device phenomenon. which will make it necessary for services to adapt to various platforms (computers. phones and tablets). Less than % of respondents believe that WS Numbers customers themselves will have a significant impact on the development of the industry this year.


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