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You to search, sort and filter data as well as update and delete them. Backend definition summary The backend is definitely a crucial part of modern websites. Thanks to it, you can create a dynamic page that will reflect the business logic of the project. In our Drupal agency, we create both frontend and backend. We will help you choose the right language, system, architecture and database, and implement all these elements into your application.

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The client is not always well vers in the technical issues relat to building websites, but he has something that is necessary to create a great website imagining his product in the best possible version. Customercentric design is an Gansu Mobile Database approach that assumes using this knowlge and creating a website in accordance with their nes. Find out what are the advantages of such project management. What is customercentric design? Customerorient design means drawing on their knowlge and meticulous implementation of the project in accordance with their requirements and suggestions , as well as taking into account the challenges they face. How to achieve it? In almost every software company, the website design and coding stage is prec by a series of intensive design workshops.

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Conducting them is necessary to get to know the business goals and expectations of the client. It is during these meetings that he tells UX/UI designers, web developers and other team members what digital product he nes (what a portal for the WS Numbers company should look like). Then, bas on the customer’s descriptions, the project team members create certain ideas of the finish website, design elements and functionalities that can be us on it to make it better, even more interesting and more intuitive for the end user. Design workshops are not the only stage in which the contracting authority should participate if the design is to be orient to its nes.

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