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In addition to those dicat to individual projects and teams, we have spaces to talk about: programming frontend, Drupal, PHP, technology and electronics AI, macOS, hobbies cars, games, fishing, plants, music. In order to take a 5minute break from work, we also set a reminder on the general channel for every afternoon to … add a biscuit. Whether someone posts it or just reads it, it’s nice to have that funny moment every day.

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As we start to grow rapidly, it became harder to know everyone who sent messages on Slack. That’s why we creat the Hello Droptica UAE Mobile Database channel, where every Wnesday one person introduces himself to the rest of the team . He writes about his studies, habits, interests and favorite emoticons, which is a great starting point for conversation. In addition to talking about everyday topics relat to the project, we like to thank each other. Appreciating the work, commitment and support of others is so important to us that we have a special tool for adding kudos in our company intranet .

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To distinguish longer commitment or special achievements, we have the Złoty Komit award, which we award every six months. Anyone WS Numbers can nominate a candidate for this award with a short justification for the choice. Then we start the voting, which is also open to everyone, and finally we present the winners of the Golden Committee during the official live gala. The Golden Committee is an award that we give at Droptica to distinguish an employee for their achievements Live meetings The Golden Komit award ceremony takes place during the Droptica Summit our internal live event that takes place every six months.

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