Quality content is the key factor of SEO in 2014

Writing quality is the key factor of SEO in 2014. We have been talking for a few months about the importance of publishing quality content to reach the first positions in Google and thereby improve our web positioning. Therefore, and we have been able to see 2 positions found; On the one hand, a group of professionals were betting on the quality of the content as the key to the future of SEO in 2014 and 2015, and on the other hand, a group of professionals who were perhaps somewhat more skeptical and downplayed the importance of the quality of the content.

Increase the length of the content

The extension of the content is very important for SEO in 2014, to demonstrate what I have done is a simple test where I have indexed 2 contents to position both with the same keyword; the first with 420 words and the second with 1,400 words and these were the results. The content with 420 keywords was indexed in position 21 on Google (Page 3) while the content with 1,400 words was indexed in position 6, that is, 15 positions above it. That does not Outlook Email Lists  mean that you cannot position short content with an authority domain, but you yourself have to decide if you want to position that content provisionally for a short period of time.

You improve your Personal Branding and influence on Social Networks

You improve your Personal Branding and influence on Social Networks. Personal Branding Quality content also known as the 2.0 curriculum, is a very important aspect to get a job related to Digital Marketing and Social Media in 2014, and it will surely be even more important next year 2015. If you have a Blog and make a clear commitment to writing quality content, you will at the WS Numbers same time be improving your personal brand image and thereby making yourself known to other bloggers and professionals in your sector, as well as improving your influence on Social Networks.

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