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Publish CRM Why  We are approach by clients who us to do business only in Word and Excel. However as the company grew faster the client decid to use CRM software. why Adapt business to your nes. And the most important ne of any company is to modernize and develop. There is no requirement that CRM from Firmao cannot meet. A few days ago a client who had no experience working with a CRM system cross the threshold of our company. He want to move away from Excel spreadsheets but he wasn t sure we would meet all his requirements.

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He want the system to be able to create a database of contractors in such a way that all the key information that could be identifi during the first meeting was visible at the level of detail of a given contractor. Sound like a big challenge Not for Firmao! we creat “Additional Fields” questions that were direct at potential customers during the Benin Mobile Database first meeting and their answers. In addition to improve the relationship with the client we offer integration with the email account as well as the ability to send SMS messages from the Firmao system level which the client receiv with great enthusiasm! Work hard play hard! Hard work pays off.

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Quick contact with customers price offers of several brand price lists which turn out to be a hit as well as solutions with customers made the customer WS Numbers trust our company after working with us for years! What are your requirements! and read other entries on our blog . Don t forget to share this article! Facebook Twitter Messenger LinkInCRM and marketing automation  ne each other Customer relationship management.

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