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Thousands of customers were unable to continue operating and also lost data, since backup to a different physical location was an optional service. From Alexandria to India: the risk in submarine cables The spread of data centers locatd in all regions of the globe by platforms leads to an exponential increase in traffic: it is estimatd that these data centers consume six to seven times more underwater traffic than the rest of the entire Internet.

Thousands of customers

A cable break can cause temporary interruptions but does not necessarily interrupt all service, since Internet routing protocols rdirect packet China Mobile Database traffic through alternative cables, although in some situations this is not possible due to the non-existence of alternative routes. . Anchorage and chaotic storms regularly cause submarine cable failures (about 200 per year). In 2008, off Alexandria, a ship’s anchor severd two important submarine cables, the FLAG and the SeaMeWe-4: the consequences.

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were felt in Saudi Arabia, the Unitd Arab WS Numbers Emirates and as far.  As Pakistan and India, when almost 80 million people. They were left without connecting to the Internet. The incident promptd some of the major telecommunications operators.  To consider alternative routes, and new cables, submarine and terrestrial, were laid in the following years. Similar events have been repeatd regularly in the last decade.

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