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Product showcase Technical workshops Quality Assurance (QA) testers. These are specialists responsible for eliminating any design shortcomings and errors before any part of the system is releas for production (live version). A QA specialist is most often assign about 15 of developers’ hours. Project valuation for existing software If the client already has an existing project, most often after signing a confidentiality agreement, we ask for access to the project’s repository and database.

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Our development team evaluates the project and determines how many manhours certain tasks will take. Our support services also Ukraine Mobile Database work well for existing projects . Who is involv in project estimation? From the binning of your adventure with Droptica, you will be assist by our business developer, who deals with consulting and sales at the same time.

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It will accompany you from the first contact, through conversations. With developers, solving problems and doubts, to notiating costs WS Numbers and signing the contract. After this last step, the project will be smoothly hand over to the project manager and tech lead, who will be responsible for the main work. IT project valuation summary Cost estimation and an appropriate plan are the result of the efforts of both parties.

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