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Proceeds normally Guaranteeing cyber security Cyberattacks happen every 11 seconds . In 2021, the amount lost by an insurance company due to a cyberattack amount Proceeds normally to approximately USD 40 million . The Cyber ​​Insurance Risk in 2022 report publish by Black Kite indicates that 82 of the largest insurers are vulnerable to phishing attacks (phishing for confidential information.

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The solution to this situation is the implementation of modern cybersecurity systems that continuously monitor the software of insurance Nepal Mobile Database companies , using artificial intelligence and automat risk assessment solutions. Adaptation of services to the nes and expectations of customers Insurance itself is not an easytosell service. Users’ trust in insurance companies is not the greatest.

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In addition, there is currently a low dree of personalization of the offer in most institutions. In order to interest customers in their offer, companies WS Numbers must meet their expectations. It is necessary to adjust the offer (and advertising messages) to the recipient’s nes. This is possible with the use of personalization, smentation, advanc analytics bas on artificial intelligence and recommendation engines, as well as by creating an intuitive website or mobile application for users. The most important trends on the insurtech market Some insurtech trends overlap with fintech trends.

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