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English: curly brackets, curly brackets) For regular text, parentheses are mainly used. In typical text, other types often seem out of place, so use them only when there is a good reason. Exclamation mark Use an exclamation mark when you want to emphasize something particularly urgent or important. When you use this symbol immediately after an exclamation point, you express a warm feeling or emotion.

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Like the period, it can also indicate the end of a sentence, such as “Stop in the name of the law!” In my opinion, the most common mistake with an exclamation Bahamas Mobile Database mark is to use multiple exclamation marks in a row. Whether you’re writing a book, blog, or poem, use less exclamation points. So don’t write: “Go away!!!” the neighbor shouted. But write: “Go away!” the neighbor shouted.

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Exclamation mark Image credit: Bekky Bekks on Unsplash If there is no text before or after the exclamation mark, the exclamation mark WS Numbers is used as a warning sign. Other uses of the exclamation mark include: Representing a click consonant in South African and East African languages ​​Logical negation in computer languages ​​In mathematics, part of the display of factorials Slashes One of the most common punctuation marks is the slash.

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