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Presenting users with But that’s not all. If a tag is missing from the list, you don’t have to leave the article iting window to add it. To do this, simply enter a new phrase in the TAGS field and the appropriate tag will be creat in the background. Thunder CMS provides a convenient option to complete the list of tags from the level of the article creation window.A new tag add in the article creation window in the CMS is also visible in the full list of tags.

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TEASER Teaser text This is an introductory text that is intend to familiarize the user with the topic of our article. It usually A Complete List Of Unit Mobile Database appears at the very beginning of the content and is separat from the rest of the entry. Teaser text is also us as a teaser on article testing sites and in sharing content on channels such as Facebook or Google. Teaser text is an introduction to the article, which is intend to introduce the subject of the entry to the user.

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Image Thunder CMS provides the ability to easily add and it graphics. First of all, we can add a photo in two ways: We choose a photo from WS Numbers the files already add to the system. It is easier to filter them by status and to search by name. A good way is also to use previously prepar and process photos by the graphic designer and adding them to the system, so that you can conveniently use the finish files later.

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