Paragraphs suddenly appear in the middle

Even before launching the algorithms (scripts that assess the value of content). he explain. it is difficult for bots to definitively assess whether a potential error is actually an error. For example. if two of a meaningful text. and the search engine software cannot understand the two paragraphs. it can mean two things. Either the website owner wants to artificially increase the amount of text on the page . or. for example. written incomprehensible passages in Hungarian. Because of this approach.

It is difficult to clearly assess

Who made a mistake and who should be punish. Content evaluation algorithms are more sophisticat today than they were three years ago. Add to this is the human element of employees personally checking and evaluating content. So should the website builder hire an extra proofreader to check every entry. like Poland B2B List on a promotional blog? In mid-March of this year. Matt Cutts again answer indirect answers to such questions. He discusses incorrect grammar and spelling in the comments on the page. As he says. anyone can write on the internet.

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So it’s perfectly normal for many

Of them to make mistakes. consciously or not. So as long as these aren’t just spam comments. site authors don’t have to worry about their page ranking being crippl by misspellings. But at the same time. there is another sentence as long as the actual content of the page is correct. So it’s hard to guess how important it is that. for example. we didn’t accidentally use the wrong grammatical form in an important text describing a company’s activities. Of course. it’s not a WS Numbers good idea to write a keyword phrase that has misspellings.


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