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Is your brand clearly visible in the real world? (Could be across the street, but what about steps away?) Is your real-world brand consistent with how it appears online? Is Google’s indexing bug fix? The indexing error for was first discover on .  accidentally remov from the search index. On March 1, Google announc that the bug had been fix, but we found out shortly afterwards that this was not the case.

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That gets deindex, you may see a loss in traffic and traffic. Google has yet to announce what caus the issue, but as of March 1, Google again claim that the bug had been fix. Why is this important? It is important to monitor website traffic and be Slovakia B2B List aware of external factors that may affect your metrics. In the case of this error, the drop in traffic seems to be completely out of anyone’s control.

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Citing and discussing data, and understand the techniques that digital marketing relies on. If you ne to change this short name in the future. You can change it up to three times per year.Again, it’s okay. Are you saying that the blog help this percentage, or this piece of gross revenue or leads. If you are ask how helpful the blog is to the bottom line activities WS Numbers of the organization you are working with, this will give you a fair and honest reporting statistic. This approach correctly positions the blog in its proper place (supporting roles), allowing you to accurately assess its impact and value.




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