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Our experienced The actual description of each project (available by clicking on its image) is longer, but the focus is still on the use of headings and enumerations to present the reader with a concise and specific text. This facilitates the reception and draws the potential customer’s attention to elements that may be important to him . On the website of the engineering company.

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Ascent, we can see clear and short descriptions of the projects Highlighting the section with customer testimonials on the home Hong-Kong Mobile Database page, by using a darker background, attracts the attention of the Internet user. Reviews move horizontally. The eyes of the viewer of the content show more opinions. This element is extremely important, because it shows how the cooperation with Ascent was carri out on already complet projects.

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Aerospace engineering – Seakr The most interesting elements : unconventional graphics, contact form on the home page, About the WS Numbers team page . The website of the aerospace engineering company Seakr greets the user with an engaging animation in the hero section. The entire website contains photos and graphics referring to space and modern technologies, which gives it an innovative look. The whole project is complement by a futuristic font, referring to the industry.

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