Otherwise you’ll collapse here too

Now I had to get my thoughts directed elsewhere. . So I made a radical decision regarding my blog. I decided to start a project, the goal of which was to increase the number of visitors to my blog considerably. I only told people who were on my email list about this project. I also tell them the results and the methods by which the number of readers increased. 1/3 of the goal achieved by the end of 2017. October sales €2,083.69 October’s most read blog post: How do you start blogging? Read this post before starting a blog and avoid the biggest mistakes November 2017 Little by little, it started to feel like the strength was low. I wonder why…??? I realized myself that the energy levels were low and now we were moving forward with a purely Finnish spirit.

Promised them that I would

 Forced myself to find motivation and did my work. The days got longer as I prepared the workshop and marketing new database campaign starting at the end of the month. , there were post-it notes around my laptop that read “REMEMBER WITH A SMILE” and “LET’S HAVE FUN NOW”. Judging from the feedback, I would assume that the labels did their job. We finally got the reading order for the second episode, even though the episode was already ending at the end of the month. Exams rushed at once. In the best week, we did 3 tests. Then try to work on it some more. At the end of the month, there was also supposed to be a meeting about when the child would go back to school. I subtly tried to hint to the child that maybe he could go to school at least to try how it feels. It seemed important to him that he gets good grades in tests. With my teaching, the exam numbers had gone down.

When I filmed the workshop videos

Well, it wasn’t a surprise, because we only studied what was in the textbooks and I didn’t have any teacher’s material at home. Dropping test numbers was definitely the “last nail” that kept him going and motivated him to go back to school. November sales €1,721.39 November’s most popular blog post: 3 easy steps to start a blog December 2017 The cry was tender. I cried in the evening. I cried during the day. I cried in the car and in church. I cried from joy, happiness and gratitude. I cried because the year was ending. I cried because three WS Numbers important people close to me were still alive. I cried because I love my job. I cried when the children were already so big that they were in a boarding school.

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