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Order to improve For this reason, we recommend installing with it using the command $ composer requirePermissions The module provides one new permission – Configure Bootstrap Layout Builder. Granting this permission allows full access to the module Order to improve configuration form. Therefore, this permission should only be grant to trust roles. Configure Bootstrap Layout Builder is a new permission in the Bootstrap Layout Builder module Configuration of the Bootstrap Layout Builder module.

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We have already install the module and grant permissions. The next step is to configure it. Under the path breakpoints you will find all Georgia Mobile Database configuration options, divid into 4 sections: Breakpoints, Layouts, Styles and Settings. Breakpoint configuration Together with the installation of the module, we get 3 prefin breakpoints. To add a new breakpoint, we ne to give it a name and specify a base class.

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Each of the existing breakpoints also has a flag that allows you to enable or disable it. The Bootstrap Layout Builder Breakpoints WS Numbers flag allows you to enable or disable the breakpoint The breakpoint list is later us in Layout Builder layouts to change the section behavior at different browser widths. Layouts configuration In this tab you will find a list of all the layouts defin by the Bootstrap Layout Builder module. Here we can rename any of these layouts and define a list of their options.

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