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Opinions different With such a team, we support more technologies than just Drupal PHP, Symfony and Laravel are just some of them. Due to the development of the company, this year we are introducing Service Delivery Units. The backend supervises data processing and their appropriate distribution, gives logic and greater interaction with our application. An example of using the backend can be an online store. The frontend allows the user to browse products, select variants and affects the appearance of our store.

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The backend plays an important role in this process, because it provides product data, saves new orders in the database, ensures Iran Mobile Database payment security, and is responsible for many other processes that the user is unaware of when placing an order. The definition of the backend defines it as a part of the system that is not visible to the user Source: Mium.com Unlike the frontend, the backend focuses on the operation of the application and information management.

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He plays a key role in applications, so his tasks and role should be clearly defin at the time of planning a website or application. Why is the WS Numbers backend an important part of the system? For complex applications, displaying static data is not enough. The backend allows you to create dynamic pages that will match the data bas on the written code. Despite the fact that the backend is a part of the system that is invisible to the user, its functions are necessary for the proper operation of the application.

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