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On the website One will count 2030 people and include project managers, programmers and testers. The service delivery manager will be the head of a given unit. This person will manage his SDU, supervise the work, support project managers, and assign specialists to teams. Such a change will improve both work within the team and cooperation with clients.

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Infographic showing milestones in the 10year history of the Droptica company Helping other companies grow For ten years, we have Egypt Mobile Database been creating websites and other web solutions that help various companies develop their businesses acquire new customers, increase sales of products or services, as well as improve internal and external processes.

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For this purpose, we have built complex platforms bas on Drupal , a marketplace for many suppliers on Sylius, CMSs tailor to the nes of specific mia and publishing companies, a web application for measuring progress in training, and we have WS Numbers implement a Drupal headless solution. We have always been open to new challenges. After a thorough understanding of the client’s nes, we are able to find ourselves in every field. We have work with financial, mia and publishing , ecommerce, nonprofit, ucational, automotive, mical and lal companies.

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