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Live meetings are another way we use to share our knowlge. In 2014, we start free DrupalDay training, which we organiz in various Polish cities and online. In 2022, we turn this event into DevTalks virtual meetings that cover more ITrelat topics. For each ition, our specialists prepare three presentations. There is also time for questions and winning attractive prizes. Another project that we have creat with the ucation of programmers (in this case, aspiring programmers.

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Mind is Droptica Academy . It is a training program that introduces volunteers to the IT industry and prepares them to take on the role of a PHP fullstack developer in the future. Continuous development and improvement We develop Saudi Arabia Mobile Database the skills of both future developers and our own. We share knowlge during internal training, on Docker, Drupal Commerce , or giving and receiving feback. To confirm your skills, we can prepare for a Drupal or Laravel certification, which our company fully cover.

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In order to prepare for such an exam or to expand our knowlge, we may participate in external workshops, conferences WS Numbers or receive professional books. All this is possible within a separate training budget that each employee has at their disposal. Over the years, we’ve seen how new employees can feel lost at the binning of their career in the company, which is why we introduc the roles of mentors and trainers.

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