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On the Dior If so, the server verifies: what are the files, whether they contain information that we are logg in users, whether they have information that we have already visit a given page in the past and remember some settings on it. The server then collects information from other sources ( a database) about what is to be display to the user . In the case of a blog, this will include the content of the latest or recommend articles.

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Having all the necessary information, the server sends us the HTML code in response , which our browser converts from text into Latvia Mobile Database graphic form. Diagram showing the steps of the serverside web page rendering process Source: Duomly When we click on a link to open another blog post, we send another request to the server and the whole process starts all over again. Advantages and disadvantages The standard of generating the HTML code describ above has been in force almost since 1991, that is from the time when the first website was present to the world.

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This is an old, but at the same time a proven solution. By choosing serverside rendering, we are almost certain that our website will be WS Numbers display correctly anytime and anywhere, rardless of the operating system or browser. However, attentive readers could already see one very serious disadvantage of this solution. Let’s go back to the article page example. After reading the post, we were interest in another text that appear in the Recommend for you section.

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