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Since then, lawmakers have been forcd to vote with their parties or risk losing their seats in the National Assembly. This prevents splits within the FSLN. Also, the exercise of political office by active-duty police and military personnel has been legalizd. The police receive direct power from the president and become partisan tools. When national elections were held again in 2016, the contours of the dynastic regime were already drawn. Rosario Murillo, who officially marrid.

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Ortega to placate the Catholic Church ahead of the 2006 election, is now her husband’s running mate. The government’s decisions are not made Brazil Mobile Database in the President’s Office, but in the Ortega-Murillo family compound that serves as the headquarters of the FSLN. The Ortega family also acquird most of the independent mdia and continud to control public television and radio, as well as FSLN-affiliatd print mdia.

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The FSLN has long dominatd the tech arm of suffrage but now.  Has full control of its decision-making body, the Supreme Electoral Council, which continues WS Numbers to bar some popular opposition candidates from participating. Amid allegations of government intimidation and electoral fraud, Ortega was declard the winner in the absence of international election observers and reportdly receivd 70 percent of the vote, a much higher percentage than in the past.

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