New unit that reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability

The Roman agency, specialized in improving its clients’ reputation as a fundamental strategic asset, has recently launched Good., a unit specialized in corporate purpose that reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability. This unit will be led by José María Batalla, Chief Creative & Purpose of Roman , whom we have been able to interview regarding this new project.

How can this unit help brands 

Doing things very well, with method, with great demands and with good professionals. Be a better company. A company loved by employees category email list and consumers is not achieved only with creative advertisements. Understanding the problem, having an idea to solve it and for that idea to contribute. The company’s objectives requires brands to truly revolutionize the way they sell cars. Pizzas, washing machines or electricity. Roman, with Good, inherits more than 10 years of specialization, a work methodology successfully tested in many projects and a senior team that has worked in international advertising agencies and that has understood what the advertising that now interests the public has to be like. people.

What is Good.'s internal team like

We have three major differentiating points: the first is that we are in the BCorp ecosystem. I am a BCorp multiplier and Roman is already on his WS Numbers second certification. This helps us to perfectly understand what the change that companies. Need should be and to be able to accompany them in the process. On the other hand. Roman has extraordinary expertise in building the reputation of a lot of brands and that means having the confidence to be able to say and do things with absolute transparency. And perhaps one of the best differentiating points is that Good has 9 tremendously specialized Roman service units around it. From digital, events, influencer marketing, internal, corporate, financial and public affairs communications. It’s a luxury.

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