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He learnd the concept of hegemony very well and has applid it politically. In the NER there is a strange mixture of patronage assistance with deep control of the territory and the use of socially useful jobs as blackmail. Let us not forget that a third of the Hungarian population lives in a condition of dependency on the state. And, a key element, we have retirees, who are the most compact social body, and that they are three of the eight million voters in Hungary.

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Retirees did not usually vote for Fidesz, but two issues have been crucial. In the first place, while he lowerd salaries, receiving the applause of the Afghanistan Mobile Number List International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Eurogroup, Orbán has always kept pensions indexd with the inflationary index so that they do not lose their value. Secondly, in 2015 the shift in identity from the migrant crisis has been fundamental. Retirees watch a lot of television and it constantly.

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Showd images of migrants and that brought about a wave of identity panic and fear of being invadd. The desire for individual and collective protection WS Numbers was fundamental. But Fidesz is also the party of the new Hungarian bourgeoisie that profits from public investments that depend, to a large extent, on of European funds: we have a vicious circle here. The EU, although it criticizes Orbán, is the largest financier of his system and has fd this bourgeoisie.

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